Hrayr Shahinian, MD

Hrayr Shahinian, MD

Dr Hrayr Shahinian performs endoscopic skull base surgery at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center.


Medical Education & Training

Medical School: University of Chicago
Internship: Vanderbilt University
Fellowship: NYU Medical Center and University of Zurich

Procedures and Conditions

Skull Base Surgery for acoustic neuroma, arachnoid cyst, arteriovenous malformation, cerebral aneurysm, chordomas, craniopharyngioma, craniosynostosis, head and neck tumors, hemifacial spasm, meningioma, pineal tumor, pituitory tumor, rathke's cyst, trigeminal neuralgia




English, French, Spanish, and Arabic

Hrayr Shahinian, MD


General Surgery
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Sub Specialty

Skull Base Surgery
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Hrayr Shahinian, MD

Office Locations

Dr. H. Shahinian
8635 W. 3rd St., #1170
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: (310) 691-8888
Fax: (310) 691-8877